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Marketing & social media agency

JPH Marketing is a marketing strategy and social media agency based in Zürich, Switzerland.
Born out of a need to bring marketing strategy and exposure to independent businesses who may not have a corporate budget. I can provide a clearer direction for your business, advertising & PR, social media and access to a great team of web developers, designers and event planners.

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I've delivered marketing strategies and a clear direction for many of my clients, so they can direct their boundless energies in the right places. It all starts with the brand purpose - why do you get out of bed every day? If it's not clear to you, it certainly won't be to your clients. That's why I go back to the essence of your brand and build the tone of voice, key messages and channels from that. 


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I ensure you get noticed in the right places! Which ever social platform your clients are on, I will work with you to maximise the time spent to ensure you are too. It can be overwhelming and time consuming to keep multiple social media channels up to date, so delegate some of these tasks. Content is king and I love to tell stories - by portraying your brand in the best light with inspiring imagery, fun video and creative narratives.

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If you don't have the budget for a full time Marketing Manager but would like support, then I can offer a full service. From writing your marketing strategy and content to  planning your advertising, PR, events, communications and website. You may just need a 1-hour coaching session or a few hours each week - you can dip in and out of this service depending on your budget and how big your needs are. Just email me here for more information and fees.

Marketing Strategy

Jane is a great combination of safe pair of hands and dynamic achiever.
An excellent team player, she's strong on detail, but doesn't lose sight of the big picture.

Candy Wallace - Templar Downie

In my experience Jane provided clear insight on client business and proved invaluable in setting out strategy. She's also someone that will go the extra mile to get the job done right. Clever, creative and thorough - and one of life's positive people.

Cliff Ettridge - The Team

Jane is a highly motivated and professional Client Services and Marketing Director. With a particular eye for detail, she operates on a strategic level and is always a pleasure to work with. A nice calming influence in a sometimes frantic industry.

Andrew Downie - Bounce


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